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Bicycle Sport Shop

Prior to EOS, Bicycle Sport Shop felt siloed among departments with internal communications often at cross purposes with each other. Implementing EOS pulled the leadership team together and cascaded to every level of the organization, dramatically improving communication and efficiency.

Growth Acceleration Partners

Before meeting Elizabeth, GAP tried self implementing EOS but found it was too easy to get lost in rabbit holes. They wanted to work with an EOS expert and were drawn to Elizabeth’s experience as an operator and CEO of a startup. Now the team is laser focused, fully engaged and 80% strong or better in each of the 6 Key Components of EOS.

Loop 1

As an international company with offices in the US, UK, Ireland, Australia, Sri Lanka, and Singapore, Loop 1 lacked rhythm and predictability in day-to-day operations. Knowing a good EOS facilitator is priceless, Loop 1 hired Elizabeth for her knowledge and industry background. EOS created a pulse within the company and has now become the “heartbeat” of Loop 1.

Texas Systems Group

“I can’t see us getting through [the pandemic] without having EOS in place.” Practicing EOS helped Texas Systems Group, a leading healthcare technology company, quickly respond to changing times. They found the Level 10 meetings as critical to effectively communicating the plan throughout the company, increasing cohesion and trust among the leadership team.

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