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Authentic Impact works with entrepreneurs, business owners and leadership teams to break through barriers and establish a strong foundation for robust growth. Whether your company is in start-up mode, scaling, experiencing growing pains or preparing for sale, we have the insight, tools and experience to help.

We help leadership teams of growth-oriented companies gain traction so that they systematically and permanently improve. With our unique combination of business consulting, peer-to-peer learning and ideation services, and you’ll have the recipe you need to break through barriers and experience faster, more profitable growth.

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As a Certified EOS Implementer®, Elizabeth helps entrepreneurs and leadership teams solve root problems, lead more effectively, and gain Traction® in their businesses through a simple, proven operating system: the Entrepreneurial Operating System®.

Peer Learning

Accelerate business growth, enhance competitiveness, and promote economic security through confidential and collaborative peer learning.


Even brilliant teams get stuck. Bring in a third party to efficiently draw on the energy and the knowledge in the room. We’ll be the catalyst to help you break through.


Does your company feel stuck, like it’s hit a ceiling, or growth has plateaued?

As a company grows, leaders typically experience a new set of challenges. You may feel like the company has hit a ceiling, or as a leader, you’re starting to lose control. As the company gets more complex, you no longer have enough hours in the day to do what needs to get done. Maybe you no longer have the right people in the right seats. All of these are common growth problems. We’ll help solve these challenges, and more, by through building a high performing, open, honest and trust-based leadership team. Learn how to successfully break through ceilings and create a strong foundation for rapid growth.

Featured Clients

“It’s rare to find someone so gifted at coaching, motivating, and asking the tough questions that need to be asked. Elizabeth has been a blessing to the leadership team at Texas Systems Group and myself. With her insightful guidance as our EOS Implementer and facilitating our annual and quarterly planning meetings, we achieved a 39% growth rate for 2019.”

— David Doran, CEO, Texas Systems Group, Inc.

“Elizabeth was a remarkable facilitator. She helped our team navigate some very difficult 'territorial' issues in an open, safe environment. We identified and called out 'elephants in the room', we had frank conversations and navigated through difficult issues. Elizabeth led so well. She has a unique gift of making people feel safe to speak and also point out when people need to just listen.”

John Garrett, CEO & Founder, Community Impact

“Working with Elizabeth has helped us clearly see where the gaps are in our business. Her style is truly Texan — tough, but warm — and her EOS expertise during our strategic planning process helped us achieve much more than we expected. By shining the spotlight on our priorities and the issues we need to clear, we gained valuable momentum in moving the business forward.”

— Amy Wolfgang, Coaching 4 Good

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